Yandex Toloka payment proof earn money online

Yandex Toloka payment proof earn money online

What is Yandex toloka?

Yandex toloka is a russian web browser like a google it is user for searching. Toloka add another features foe their user earn money. Yes, you vcan easily earn money from the yandex toloka . You just complete some survays and task every day task is update and new task add on toloka. Bussiness man get review from their products and get pay in dollers.

How to work on yandex toloka?

Work is very simple on yandex toloka when you make account and fill your real details. After that show the task in the dashboard but this task not instant pay you. You first complete the task training then you will get paid task . It is very easy to complete the training of any task you can get help from google or youtube and complete trainng for grtting paid task.

How to register on Yandex toloka?

First of all click on the register now button that available on the end of artical. After that open the read website of yandex then you click on register button that show on bottom on website on top right corner on the website. When you click on the register button you fill the registration form completely and click register button. After clicking on register button toloka dashboard open and show the task on the dashboard. Select first task and complete your basic information like date of birth full name etc. When you complete basic information the big task show on the dashboard you complete the task and earn money.

Withdraw Methods?

There are four withdraw methods in this website for get withdraw. First option is paypal you can easily gat payment in you paypal account. But some countries paypal not work. Second option is payoneer you can easily get payment in payoneer account it is work on every country. But withdraw limit in payonner is 20 doller it is very hight. Third option is paymara. Fourth option is skrill you get 1 doller from the skrill wallet easily.

Click register button for registration.

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