Play games and earn money online

Play games and earn money online

Does Playing Game Earn Money?

Yes, play games and earn money online but not give a lot of money it gives a small amount of money. Some games that available on playstore are not pay this application is called fraud or scam. But some games are really pay small amout in your wallet or account.

On the another side big games pay large amout of play games earn money money by playing games. Call of duty, Pubg, Dota2, etc.. are some main games that pay real money. They pay milliona of dollers in game tournment prizes every year.

Which game give you real money?

Lot of play games earn money give real money to their users every day. Today i tell you a knife bounty game that give real money by their users every day. Thay pay real money in dollers snd send in to paypal on international accounts. Knife bounty is very chill game in this game you just hit a boxes throught knife and pass the levels.

How to play?

  • First of all download game throught given download button or directly download from play store or app store.
  • Then open the game and shoot all knife on a sigle rotating table.
  • Only hot the tables do not hit the another knife otherwise you failed.
  • Do not miss the random reward that apear on screen while plying game.
  • More levels you can pass then more reward and earn money.

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  • First starting level is very easy but next level is very difficult to pass.
  • Beat the boss on every 5th level to win big reward and earn big amount of money.
  • That reward you can you can use the reward for purchase the knife.
  • You can easily change the background game randomly.
  • When you plan game a reward list appear and scroling the screen you just touch and collect reward.
  • No register or signin process just open game play and earn money.
  • You can easily withdraw you earning in your international wallet easily just one click.

Click here to download game.

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My name is Muhammad Asim Shafiq. Our Mission is provide best earning and technology tips for our vistors.