Get free .com domain for 1 year

Get free .com domain for 1 year

Why we use .com domain?

Most of the prople use .com domain because it is powerful top level domain. It is help to grow your bussiness on internet help in search engine optimization and many more benifits. Main reason the chosing the .com domain is the google domain is and it is the big search engine in the world.That is way today i tel to how to get free .com domain for 1 year .

Why domains is important?

To grow you bussiness or website in internet you should use .com or others top level domains and attach with your website. In this step your website rank on google and show in the front page of google that is way you website is rank and you get lot of money with goole adsense.

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How to get free .com domain?

Today i tell you how to get free .com domain for 1 year if read this artical complete i gurantee you easily get free .com domain. I tel you about a website that is uk based website you just open this website search your domain register and enjoy. If you follow all the steps you easily get free domain and attach with your website.

How To Get ?

For geting domain you follow all the steps if you not follow all the steps not get free domain.

  • First of all go to the register button that available end of the artical.
  • When you click on this button a new website is open in new window.
  • On the top of the website you find the search box, just you enter the domain that you want purchase.
  • When you enter click on search box top level domain show on next page.
  • Click on .com domain and add to the purchasing busket.
  • Then go to next step add free website design builder then click next or continue button.
  • In next step all the payment show and click purchase buttonthen you go signup page.
  • Make your account with enter gmail address and a strong password, Varify your gmail address.
  • Attach any account to this website and get free .com or any other domain.

SSL Certificate.

When you get free .com domain you easily get free ssl certificate with free domain name. You not pay ant extra amount for getting ssl certificate.

Click regidter bitton for get domain.

Free .com domain in cheap price.

Get free domain for 1 year

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